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Best Cannabis Seeds 2023 Collection


Even the most experienced indoor growers will find plenty of exciting, challenging, prime quality genetics to cultivate in our Amsterdam Genetics seeds catalogue. We’ve compiled a quick walkthrough of our top 10 strains for veteran connoisseurs. Take your pick and treat yourself to the best cannabis seeds 2023 Amsterdam cannabis culture has to offer!

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Lots Of Premium Quality Genetics For You

If you’ve tried our genetics before, you have already experienced the premium quality of Amsterdam’s top marijuana seeds. If you haven’t, or if you’re just keen to grow some more of our best cannabis seeds, 2023 has plenty of supreme genetics in store for you…

Below, you will find a comprehensive selection of lightning-fast autoflower seeds, hard-hitting indica hybrids with renowned parentage and gourmet flavour, and singular sativas with amazingly short flowering times – all fully feminized of course.

We are 100% sure that you will find something to suit your taste and preferences here, so without further ado, please feast your eyes on our selection of top marijuana seeds and order your favourites straight away!

Enjoy Our Top Cannabis Seeds For 2023

No matter whether you prefer sativa or indica genetics, autoflower convenience, exotic flavours or breath-taking highs, there’s something here for everyone. Every single one of our best cannabis seeds for 2023 is 100% feminized, so all you have to do is click and pick your favourites. We will ship your order within one office day so you can pop those seeds pronto.

First place of our best cannabis seeds 2023 ranking goes to this refreshing, uplifting, powerful citrus haze whopper with powerful pain relief potential yielding bright green and yellow buds weighing upwards of 550g/m² after 9 to 10 weeks of flowering.

Taste Jack Herer and a splash of grapefruit juice in this turbocharged, tough 90% sativa with a surprisingly brief flowering time of 8-9 weeks and powerful euphoric highs contained in around half a kilo of premium nugs per square metre.

Our all-new Exotic Purple Autoflower strain matches effortless, fast growing with the heady aroma of tropical fruit punch and excellent chances of purple, violet, and pinkish buds.

Enjoy the smooth, energizing bodybuzz and exotic skunky fruit flavour of this high-yield, fast-vegging feminized kush with a 10-week flowering time.

We simply couldn’t skip our fast-flowering flagship strain with perfect 50/50 indica-sativa balance takes just 9 weeks to produce up to 600g/m²of dark green, frosty buds with subtle chocolate flavour and cheerfully relaxed highs.

A hard-hitting, nearly 30% THC heavyweight Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies feminized indica hybrid with just 8-9 weeks of flowering, resulting in a 500g/m² payload of huge buds that bring an extensive, deeply relaxing bodybuzz stone.

Kush and diesel aromas meet in this feminized autoflower strain with just 10-11 weeks of flowering: pretty fast and highly resilient for a happily relaxing 60% sativa with 400-450g/m² harvest prospects!

Still our most in-demand haze strain, Super Silver Haze is a timeless feminized Amsterdam classic with 25% THC, 70% sativa genetics, 9 to 11 weeks of flowering, and copious harvests clocking in at 500-600g/m².

Tropicanna Cookies meets Choco and Kush genetics to bring you 25% THC in a tough, compact, fast-flowering (9-10 weeks) plant with huge 700g/m² harvest prospects, excitingly spicy taste, and happy, stress-busting effects.

Uniquely sweet tangerine citrus aromas spread after rapid growth precedes a 10-week flowering stage producing copious amounts of compact, fragrant, bright green buds with great stress relief and smile-boosting potential.

The Best Cannabis Seeds 2023 Can Offer Come From Amsterdam

So there you go: these are the best cannabis seeds 2023 has in store for you – barring any new strains we may release over the year of course…

We would never have developed such amazing genetics without the aid of our dedicated team of veteran breeders and the feedback from our community members. Our ongoing series of cannabis breeding blogs gives you an impression of just how much botanical expertise we put into our cannabis breeding programme every year.

Three decades of hands-on experience developing the finest seeds that Amsterdam can offer is a pretty impressive for a track record; especially when you stack that on top of our long and proud Dutch crop cultivation tradition. It’s a winning combination that most breeders and seed suppliers find hard to beat – and we make sure we stay in the lead by creating uniquely innovative strains every year!

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