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SpringBig: a Better Loyalty System FAQ


Common Questions About Our New Loyalty System

How is the loyalty program changing?

On November 15th 2022, the loyalty program at WCM and HighNorth stores is being improved!

You’ll still earn 3 points for every dollar spent, and 1 point is still equal to 1 cent (no changes there).

The biggest thing that’s changing is how you can view and spend your loyalty points. We’re adding a digital “Loyalty Wallet” that will give you the ability to view your points from your smartphone or computer. You can access your loyalty wallet by CLICKING HERE.

You’ll also notice a change in the email and text message communications we send to you. There’ll be a different layout and you’ll start to notice specific deals and offers tailored to your shopping habits. Do you buy a lot of flower? You’ll start seeing new deals on flower that are only available to you!

NOTE: You’ll be asked to set up and enter a PIN to view your loyalty wallet and get text messages from us. This is due to security, federal cannabis laws, and how telecommunications companies handle text messages from cannabis companies. Learn more about why you’ll have to create a PIN below.

Why do I have to enter a PIN to view my wallet and text messages from WCM and HighNorth?

First, your PIN will act as your password to access your loyalty wallet and the rest of your account outside of our stores.

Additionally, due to cannabis being illegal on a federal level, telecommunication companies like Verizon or AT&T are forced to stop and delete any cannabis-related messages going through their systems. Artificial intelligence is used to recognize any cannabis-related terms or imagery. The AI also follows any links in text messages to see if there is any cannabis content on the other side. This makes it very hard for us to get news about new products and deals to our customers.

In order to keep the telecom AI from seeing what’s on the other side of our links, we’ve implemented a “PIN wall”. When you click on one of our text message links, you’ll be prompted to set/enter your own PIN before you can view the page. So, when the AI tries to follow our links, they’ll hit our PIN wall and won’t be able to see our content, which ensures that you receive all the messages we send you.

It’s easy to create your PIN and if you forgot your PIN, it’s just as easy to reset it.

If you need help setting up your PIN, just ask one of our budtenders. They’ll be happy to show you what to do.

How do I set my PIN?

You can set your PIN using the following steps:

Open the text message we sent you and click the link. Or, visit your digital wallet by CLICKING HERE.
Click to request a temporary PIN.
You’ll receive a temporary PIN text to the phone number associated with your account.
Enter or paste in the temporary PIN (you can also use autofill).
Create your 4-digit PIN.

NOTE: You’ll be asked for your PIN when you open your digital wallet and when you click the links in the text messages we send you.

Do I have to sign up for the loyalty program again if I was already a loyalty member?

The short answer is: No.

All existing loyalty program members will be automatically transferred over to our new system. You’ll keep all your loyalty points that you have collected, and your personal information that you’ve shared with us will also transfer. You’ll also have more control over the information in your account and can add or delete info as you see fit right from your web-enabled device.

How do I sign up for the loyalty program if I’m a new customer?

To sign up for our loyalty program, you’ll need to visit a WCM or HighNorth store and the staff will add you to our system.

You can sign up to receive our email and text messages by CLICKING HERE.

By signing up to receive email and text messages, you’ll receive special offers, coupons, and get the insider knowledge about what’s going on at your favorite cannabis stores. You can opt in and out of messaging anytime you want by accessing your digital wallet.

Does WCM ever share or sell my personal information?


We’ll never share or sell your data to anyone. We only use the information you share with us to provide you with unique and personalized deals.

How do I get exclusive deals and offers?

There are a few ways to find deals and offers: 

View all the offers available to you from your loyalty wallet. 
Visit any location and our budtenders can look up your account and redeem your available deals. 
Opt-in to email and text messages from us.

NOTE: To view text messages, you’ll need to create and enter a PIN. This is due to federal cannabis laws. Learn more about why a PIN is needed above.

What is my “Loyalty Wallet” and how do I access it?

Your loyalty wallet is a secure web page where you can:

View your loyalty points.
Redeem loyalty points with your pre-orders.
View our full menu by location and place your order.
Find exclusive deals and coupons catered to your spending habits.
View and edit your account information.
View our full menu and place pre-orders.

You can access your loyalty wallet by CLICKING HERE, then enter your phone number and PIN when prompted. Your phone number acts as your username and the PIN acts as your password.

Do I have to receive text/email messages to participate in the loyalty program?

No, you can opt-in and out of messaging anytime you want. To opt-in or out, just open your loyalty wallet, navigate to your account, and click on the checkbox next to your phone number to opt-out of text messaging, or the checkbox next to your email address to opt-out of email messaging.

You can opt-in the same way, or a budtender can do it for you at any location.

How do I save my loyalty wallet to my iPhone?

Follow the instructions below to add your digital wallet to your iPhone for easy access:

How do I save my loyalty wallet to my Android device?

Follow the instructions below to add your digital wallet to your iPhone for easy access:

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